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ASD Screening/Profile Pack: FAQ

What is the ASD Screening/Profile Pack?

If you are trying to arrange an NHS assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) you may well find yourself on the end of a lengthy queue. You may already be going through a difficult time, so you will not want to prolong the uncertainty of the outcome for your child.

Furthermore, you may not want to incur the expense of a full private assessment without first having a clear cause for concern.

That's why BeginningwithA offers the ASD Screening/Profile Pack.

The ASD Screening/Profile provides an informative report on suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a child or adult. No visit is required and you can do all that is needed from home.

How does it work?

  1. After you have placed your order for the ASD Screening/Profile, you will receive, by post, a pack of questionnaires to complete.
  2. You will need to return the completed questionnaires in the pre-paid envelope provided.
  3. Within 28 days you will be sent your comprehensive Screening/Profile report, giving a broad indication of issues relevant to general behaviour, communication, sensory issues, ASD and/or social communication difficulties, as well as an indication of whether more in depth diagnostic assessment is advisable. The report is not a diagnosis but it will include recommendations, which may indicate the need for a formal assessment, or may conclude that there is no real cause for concern.
  4. If further action is required, we can offer a full assessment or provide guidance on other options available to you.

Will my report be easy to understand?

Your report will provide clear and easy to read conclusions. It will also include more technical background data on each area covered. This provides the option for you to read a more in-depth analysis and also provides data needed by other professionals to whom you may want to give copies of the report.

Who wrote the questions?

The booklets that we ask you to complete are standardised questionnaires from established publishers in the field of psychological assessment. The chosen lists of questionnaires have been carefully refined over the four years that we have been providing the ASD Screening service. They have been selected to best capture the behaviours and other details needed to report an accurate picture of each person's needs.

What questions will I need to answer?

The questionnaires cover a range of areas including general behaviour, communication, sensory issues, ASD and social communication difficulties. You will need to complete each questionnaire as thoroughly as you can so you should allow at least one hour to complete the pack. Not everyone receives the same questionnaires as they are age specific.

What does it cost?

The ASD Profiler costs £250. That covers scoring of the completed questionnaires and preparation of your individual report as well as incidental costs of the questionnaire packs and postage. If for any reason you decide not to go ahead, you can use the reply-paid envelope to return the questionnaires unused within seven days and you will receive a full refund!

What happens after my report?

If your report indicates that there is cause for concern you have a number of options.

  • You can discuss the report with your GP. It could provide valuable input to your case for a diagnostic assessment with your local NHS.
  • We can carry out a full ASD assessment. This is subject to the availability of an appointment within a reasonable time. It will require at least one face-to-face meeting, normally held in Cambridge. If we are unable to offer an appointment within a reasonable time, we can help you find another practitioner in the Cambridge area.
  • It may be that a consultation with the BeginningwithA team is not practical. If you would prefer a private consultation with another provider, we may be able to help you find a private practitioner in your area.
  • How do I order?

    You can place your order online using the button below.